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4,000 military personnel train for a high intensity joint operation in 'COPEX 23'

Retamares, Madrid
May 5, 2023
  • The Operations Command and the Land, Aerospace, Maritime, Cyberspace and Special Operations Component Commands are training in a fictitious conflict scenario, for the first time, with real subordinate units deployed in different manoeuvre fields, maritime zones and air bases

From 5 to 11 May, military personnel from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Space will carry out the joint exercise 'COPEX 23'. In total, they are expected to deploy around 4,000 military personnel, who will carry out real missions in a synchronized mode, at different deployment points, as part of a high-intensity (simulated) operation. For the first time, strategic, operational and tactical levels will be trained together at the command post level and with forces deployed in the field.

The 'COPEX 23' is the main joint exercise of operational and tactical level command posts with its phase of real deployment of units in the field, and with activation of the operational structure that integrates the Land Component Commands, Maritime, Aerospace, Special Operations and Cyberspace. This exercise is the primary national training activity for the 2023 Joint Force.

Its objective is to train and test the ability of the Operations Command to exercise command and control over these Component Commands, with the direction from the command post of the Chief of Defence Staff (JEMAD). Likewise, the component commands have for the first time real subordinate units deployed in different manoeuvre fields, maritime zones and air bases.

For this purpose, the deployment has been carried out in different locations, starting in Madrid, with the CHOD command post, the MOPS, the MCOE and the MCC. The Land Component Command has installed its Command Post at CENAD Chinchilla, and its Force units at the Chinchilla and Alvarez de Sotomayor manoeuvre fields in Almeria.

The Maritime Component command post is located in Rota. The MCM forces will operate in the Retín area. The JFAC has its command post in Torrejón. C-16 (Eurofighter) from ALA 11 and ALA 14, in addition to the Predator (unmanned aircraft) and EZAPAC personnel will participate. The MCOE has organized its command post in Retamares and the Special Operations Forces are deployed in both Chinchilla and Retín. Finally, the MCC has its command post in Retamares and the Cyber Forces operate from the COS (Security Operations Centres) of the Army and Navy.

For COPEX 23, a fictitious high-intensity conflict scenario has been proposed in order to combine synergies and maximise the training and integration of the Component Commands. It is also an opportunity to train the Operational Structure of the Armed Forces in the planning and conduct of a high-intensity operation in the face of a non-shared threat.