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Locked Shields 2023 exercise ends with a visit from the officials of the participating agencies and many lessons learnt

Retamares, Madrid
April 25, 2023
  • The Spanish Blue Team has succeeded in concluding a challenging exercise full of difficulties

The 'Locked Shields 2023' has come to an end with the visit of numerous authorities, both from the public and private sectors, from the institutions and organisations participating in the exercise. The group was able to see first-hand the great coordination work that both companies and State Security Forces and Corps have achieved together with the Joint Cyberspace Command during the entire exercise.

The Deputy Commander of the Command, Rear Admiral Francisco Javier Roca Rivero, gave a lecture on the capabilities and current affairs of the Command, and Colonel Francisco Palomo Pérez, Director of the new Military School of Cyber Operations, presented the future capabilities of the school, which is in the process of preparing to welcome its first students.

This exercise serves to forge closer ties between firms interested in collaborating with the Command and helps to create an ideal climate for exchanging information and experiences. This type of support is essential to reinforce capabilities in the face of any cyber-attack attempt.

In this edition of the 'Locked Shields', the 'Spanish Blue Team' did a much better job than last year. Through the efforts of more than 175 members, not counting the support staff around the exercise, the team participated in all phases of the drill. Its members took advantage of the opportunity to practice in such a challenging and realistic environment as the one encountered in the exercise.