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The 'Spanish Blue Team' ready to lead the Joint Cyberspace Command in 'Locked Shields 2023'

Retamares, Madrid
April 17, 2023
  • The team, led by the Joint Cyberspace Command, is ready to face all the challenges of the exercise.

Everything is ready for the participation of the 'Spanish Blue Team' in 'Locked Shields 23' (LS23). All the support teams have been coordinated with the Joint Cyberspace Command in order to prepare a single unified front that will allow the Command to face the challenges posed by the CCDCOE Red Team. Personnel from the Armed Forces, the National Police and numerous companies that consider cyber defence to be a basic pillar of their security are working hand in hand to guarantee that Spain achieves a significant result in this exercise.

On Tuesday April 18th, the most significant part of the exercise begins and all the instruction and training received, as well as the lessons learned from LS22, will be put into practice. The main objective is to prove that the unit knows how to adapt and stay ahead of the technological innovation required in this operational domain, known as the fifth cyberspace domain.

The team is prepared for any contingency it may have to face, as the opponent, the 'Red Team', will not hesitate to take advantage of the team's vulnerabilities in order to make the task of defending the critical infrastructure of the scenario difficult.


In addition to promoting healthy competition and cooperation between institutions in charge of a common area, this type of exercise serves to share skills, software and practices, focusing efforts to stay one step ahead of the enemy and therefore ensure that our Armed Forces can always be operational on their networks and IT resources. Today there are a multitude of devices operating in the cyber domain, so LS23 is the most appropriate benchmark to ensure that our instruction and training is adequate or, if necessary, to change course towards excellence.