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The Joint Cyberspace Command team wins fifth place in the First Inter-American Cyber Defence Challenge

Retamares, Madrid
April 14, 2023
  • 57 teams from 15 countries took part in a "Capture the Flag" type event and had to successfully solve the challenges posed

The Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE) has obtained the fifth position in the 'First Inter-American Cyber Defence Challenge' held on March 30th

The event was participated in by 157 military personnel who made up 57 teams from 15 Latin American and North American countries. The IADB Cyber Defence Section posed a 'Capture The Flag' competition that the teams had to solve, as well as a series of reverse engineering tests that tried to make it difficult to reach the main objective.

The nature of the exercise was not only to offer the units participating in the exercise the possibility to train their cyber defence skills, but also to test the level of standardisation and coordination of the teams. Spain, in the words of the organisation, “showed a mastery of all the areas of expertise involved in the Challenge. They solved the problems identified as difficult, as well as the translation of the reverse engineering challenges" and, in addition, "the balance of scores among the team members, at the individual level, denotes the homogenisation of skills and serves as an example for other countries".

These comments motivate each and every member of the team to increase the unit's instruction and training, which is particularly relevant in a field as specialised as cyber defence. Proof of this is the recent creation of the Military School of Cyber Operations, an entity under the Command that will further the training of new personnel.

Let us remember that in front of the keyboard we are all combatants and, as perception becomes reality, we must maintain the level achieved during this exercise and continue to guarantee the professionalism of our military personnel, who are well respected in the international sphere thanks to their tenacity, adaptability and well-developed training.