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The 'Patriot' contingent delivers medicines donated by the Reina Sofia Foundation to those affected by the earthquake

Adana, Türkiye
February 11, 2023
  • The 12th AT (Türkiye Support) contingent has delivered in Adana 7,500 kilos of medicines donated by the Reina Sofia Foundation

The Spanish contingent deployed at Incirlik Air Base (Adana) has delivered the 7,500 kilos of medicines donated by the Reina Sofia Foundation to representatives of the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Red Crescent. The delivery took place at the Provincial Health Centre of the city of Adana, which belongs to the Turkish Ministry of Health. This centre has been set up as a collection point for medicines for their subsequent distribution to the victims in the areas most devastated by the earthquake.

The handover involved personnel and assets belonging to Operation Türkiye Support: twelve military personnel and four vehicles.

In addition, the personnel and resources belonging to the 'Patriot' contingent continue to provide logistical support to members of the Military Emergency Unit (UME, in Spanish), the Marine Corps, and other Navy members. A team of the latter have been stationed at the Turkish air base to relieve the Patriot contingent and to reinforce the work of unloading and distributing humanitarian aid material, which continues to arrive at the base thanks to the international support received.

Besides these tasks to help those affected by the earthquake, the "Patriot" contingent keeps its defensive capability operational in the Anti-Missile Defence mission in Adana.