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Marine Corps assists in locating and rescuing 7-year-old boy from Iskenderun rubble

Iskenderun, Türkiye
February 11, 2023
  • Lieutenant Manuel González Baige account; one of the Marine Corps personnel who participated in the rescue

"On the morning of 10 February, we were assisting in the cleaning and clearing of one of the buildings in the central area of Iskenderun.

We were a Marine Corps team, about 30 members, working with the Turkish rescue teams.

The situation was a bit chaotic as it was the fifth day after the earthquake and the chances of finding anyone alive were diminishing drastically. However, this changed when we heard a sound after one of the unique silences that occurred as we searched for any Iife signs.

Someone was answering the question asked by the Turkish rescue teams: "We are the rescue team; if someone hears me, let him shout; if not, he can give three knocks around him."

After what had happened, the Turkish teams began to enter various crevices that we had cleared to allow them access the interior. Many people were crowding around. It took them about 20 minutes to reach the kid life that brought a thread of hope back to all of us who were there.

We decided to step aside and give way to the rescue team out of respect for the relatives, just as we did when the victims were leaving. A round of applause broke the silence, reasserting our belief. We had found a survivor, a 7-year-old boy."