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Personnel from the Air-Naval Amphibious Group ‘DEDALO 23’ start reconnaissance patrols in Iskenderun

Iskenderun, Türkiye
February 9, 2023
  • The first step is to find out what the situation is on the ground and what actions can be taken

The Air-Naval Amphibious Group 'DEDALO 23' has already arrived on the Turkish coast, in the port of Atakas. A first deployment of the boats that will transport rescue equipment and medical support has been carried out. These boats belong to the Naval Beach Group.

This was followed by the arrival of 184 Marines and 13 vehicles, and the setting up of the command post.

Afterwards, reconnaissance patrols began in Iskenderun. The goal is to gather data to assess the situation in the area and determine the actions that could be carried out over the next few days.

In addition, personnel from Operation Türkiye Support's PATRIOT contingent at Incirlink air base are also working on the runway unloading, sorting, and distributing humanitarian aid goods. In the meantime, they are keeping their missile defence capability in Adana city operational 24/7.

Although these contingents were not initially designed to perform these tasks,     they have been adapted to support Turkish population with available capabilities.