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JFX-22 exercise, the main national joint strength training activity, completed

Madrid and Burgos
November 25, 2022
  • Operations Command and the Land, Aerospace, Maritime, Cyberspace and Special Operations Component Commands train in a fictitious conflict scenario

From 15 to 25 November, nearly 1,200 military personnel from the Army, Navy and the Air Force took part in the final and decisive phase of the JFX-22 exercise. This is the main joint exercise of operational and tactical level command posts, with activation of the operational structure that integrates the Land, Maritime, Aerospace, Special Operations and Cyber Defence Component Commands, including for the first time the CIFAS. This exercise is the main national Joint Force training activity of the year.

The objective was to train and test the ability of the Operations Command (MOPS) to exercise command and control over the Component Commands as delegated by the Chief of Defence Staff (JEMAD).

During JFX-22, led by the Commander of the Operations Command (CMOPS), Lieutenant General Francisco Braco Carbó, a fictitious high-intensity conflict scenario was proposed in order to combine synergies and maximise the training, education and integration of the Component Commands. It is also a demonstration of the ongoing willingness of the Armed Forces to confront risks and threats of a changing nature.

During the planning of this exercise, the operational structure of the FAS had to deal with more than 1,000 incidents, which, together with the challenges posed by the OPFOR (adversary), made it possible to achieve the demanding level of training envisaged in the operational and tactical plans.