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JFX-22: The training exercise of the operational structure of the Armed Forces kicks off.

Madrid and Burgos
November 16, 2022
  • The JFX-22 training exercise begins its execution phase on November 19 with the objective of reaching the level of training required for the Armed Forces Operational Structure under the Operational Control of the Operations Command.

19NOV22, 0800LT. The troops of the Celtia army, which have been deployed for several weeks along the border between Celtia and Baetica, begin the invasion of the neighbouring country. At that moment, phase IV of the MOPS OPLAN starts and the MMCC forces begin the missions assigned in JCO 001. Obviously, this is a series of fictitious events happening in a simulated scenario designed for the JFX-22 exercise.

JFX-22 reaches its maximum intensity phase on 19NOV22 (STARTEX), when different missions coordinated from the MOPS and executed by the Component Commands (Land Component Command, Maritime Component Command, JFAC, Special Operations Component Command and Cyber Defence Component Command), with the support of CIFAS, will be carried out.

The scenario planned for the training of the Armed Forces is a high intensity scenario in which our troops will have to face autonomously an adversary with very demanding capabilities.

Before STARTEX, from 15 to 18NOV22, the personnel participating in the training will undergo a period of adaptation to the position and tasks to be performed called `Battle Staff Training´, through which our personnel will become familiar with the procedures to be used, working pace, etc.

Being a Command Post Exercise (CPX), Exercise Control (EXCON) plays a key role in the conduct of the exercise. EXCON personnel are essential for the smooth running of the operations and the ultimate achievement of the required level of training, as they are the ones who report to MOPS, MMCCs and CIFAS what is happening on the ground. For this purpose, they use the same reports and C2 systems that they would use in a real case.

It is expected that by 25NOV22, at the end of the exercise (ENDEX), the operational structure of the Armed Forces will have reached the necessary level of training which is reflected both in the exercise objectives and in the training objectives.