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Four Hawk missile launchers to Ukraine

November 3, 2022
  • Spain continues to support Ukraine with this shipment, as well as with the Aspide anti-aircraft missile system and the training of Ukrainian military personnel

In order to meet the needs expressed by the Ukrainian government, NATO countries have started sending anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense weapon systems. Thus, based on the support agreed by the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, the Ministry of Defense has sent four Hawk missile launchers (Spanish Army) along with the Aspide anti-aircraft missile system (Spanish Air Force).

It should also be mentioned that four 400 kilowatt generator sets and one 150 kilowatt generator set have already arrived at the logistics hub in Poland.

The Operations Command (MOPS) is coordinating these urgent needs for Ukraine. The transport of the four Hawk missile systems has started from the military base of El Copero (Seville). The Operational Logistics section of the Operations Command (MOPS) has contracted a logistics operator to transport them by land from Spain to Poland.

Likewise, a T21 aircraft departed from the Getafe air force base with support material to Ukraine. This aircraft has made a first stopover in Zaragoza to pick up the 19 Ukrainian soldiers, who during the last weeks have been trained by the Air Deployment Support Squadron in the use of the Aspide anti-aircraft missile battery. The battery left Zaragoza by land to the logistics hub.

‘Logistics ´Hub´

Since this ´hub´ was established in Poland, the Ministry of Defense, through the Operations Command (MOPS), has managed several logistic transports of armament and material to this center, configured as the entry and exit point for military flights, road convoys or multimodal transport of Spanish supplies by sea.

It is also the departure point for more than 600 individuals, including orphaned children or children undergoing cancer treatment, especially vulnerable or threatened family members, and wounded personnel who will be received in Spain or who will receive medical treatment in the hospitals and health centres of the Ministry of Defence and the national health network. To support these transfers, humanitarian flights have been arranged by the Ministry of Defense.