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Spanish CHOD (JEMAD) receives the 'Honorary Order' of Australia

October 20, 2022
  • The award is in recognition of his work in promoting Spain-Australia relations in the naval sector.

The Chief of Defence (JEMAD in Spanish), Admiral General Teodoro López Calderón, received on Thursday, October 20, the 'Honorary Order of Australia', awarded by the Australian Government in recognition of his work in promoting relations between Spain and Australia, mainly in the naval sector.

The award ceremony took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in Madrid, and was presided over by the Spanish Minister of Defense, Ms. Margarita Robles, accompanied by the Australian Ambassador to our country, Ms. Sophia McIntyre.

Spanish CHOD (JEMAD) in his speech, indicated that there is a very special link between both countries that has the sea as a reference, and this question, it has been possible to ascertain in our Armed Forces, particularly in the Navy, where friendly relations are strengthened day by day with mutual cooperation in different areas of action. 'During the period in which I was working as head of the Navy, I was able to see first hand the close collaboration with the Royal Australian Navy and, also, that defense and military industry are key elements of this good bilateral relationship', said the Admiral, who expressed his wish that these good relations maintained during his time as Admiral Chief of Staff of the Navy continue on, to be strengthened in the future for the benefit of both navies and our respective countries.