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The frigate 'Álvaro de Bazán' continues its participation in the TFEX 23-2 maneuvers.

Atlantic Ocean
October 18, 2022
  • The Spanish ship participates in the TFEX 23-2 exercise, the first time that it is participating alongside the USS 'Gerald R. Ford' aircraft carrier battle group.

The frigate 'Álvaro de Bazán' is participating in the Task Force Exercise (TFEX) 23-2 maneuvers led by Combat Group 4 (CSG4) of the aircraft carrier USS 'Gerald R. Ford' (CVN78), which also includes several ships from Destroyer Squadron 2, the Carrier Air Wing 8 (Carrier Air Wing 8 or CVW8) and two allied ships belonging to Canada and Germany.

On one hand, during these first weeks of TFEX maneuvers, the frigate has had the opportunity to participate in several exercises and serial events, which are focused on familiarizing the participating units to operate together against a multi-threat environment.

On the other hand, throughout this week the EOS belonging to the Canary Islands Security Unit has carried out several exercises to maintain a good level of training throughout the deployment. They consisted of a boarding of the American support ship USS "Prevail" and various activities on board, such as rappelling on the flight deck, dry firing and movements indoors at night.

The frigate's Flight Troop conducted a medical evacuation capability check on October 8, since the aircraft carrier has a hospital equipped with ROLE II capability, which could provide assistance to the other ships if needed during the deployment.

This inaugural deployment of the USS "Gerald R. Ford" Battle Group involves not only the Spanish F-101 frigate -under operational control of the Operations Command-, the German frigate and the Canadian replenishment ship, but will be joined by frigates of similar characteristics from other navies such as Denmark, France and the Netherlands

The aircraft carrier USS "Gerald Ford" was delivered to the US Navy in May 2017, it is the first of its class and the most modern currently in service in the world.

The frigate "Álvaro de Bazán", commanded by lt. commander Jesús Viñas Barciela, was delivered to the Navy on September 19, 2002 and is the first frigate of the F-100 series, belonging to the 31st Surface Squadron. It currently has a total of 220 men and women on board, including an embarked air unit (with SH-60B organic helicopter), an operational security team belonging to the Canary Islands Security Unit and a Chaplain.

The 31st Surface Ship Squadron, commanded by captain Gonzalo Leira Neira, consists of five F-100 frigates and two combat supply ships that provide deterrent and defense capabilities unmatched in other European navy squadrons.