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Ecuadorian Naval War Academy Staff Course students visit the Joint Cyberspace Command

Retamares, Madrid
September 28, 2022
  • • The activity is part of the cooperation relations of the Ibero-American Cyber Defense Forum

A group of students from the Ecuadorian Naval War Academy (AGUENA) Staff Course visited the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE). They were accompanied by the director of the academy, two professors and the Ecuadorian Defence Attaché in Spain, Colonel Gudiño.

After a brief visit to the MCCE facilities, located at the Retamares Base, they received a conference given by Navy Commander Enrique Pérez de Tena, Head of the Cooperation Section. He explained to them the capabilities of the MCCE, as well as a historical overview of its origins, tasks and future projections.

This initiative helps to consolidate relationships with the nations belonging to the Ibero-American Cyber Defence Forum, also fulfilling a double objective: sharing knowledge and increasing contacts on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.