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2021 Annual Meeting of Special Operations Unit Commanders and ´Green Beret´ Awards

Retamares base, Pozuelo de Alarcón
December 9, 2021
  • The 2021 'Green Beret' Awards Ceremony was held at the end of the meeting

Once again, at the headquarters of the Joint Special Operations Command, military personnel related to special operations units met at the Retamares Base in order to exchange information on common activities and issues that occurred during 2021 and to discuss the forecasts for 2022.  The meeting was attended by the Special Operations Units Commanders, Commanders of units with a role in and support to Special Operations, personnel from the General Staffs and organisational structure of the Army, Air Force and Navy, some teaching centres related to the Special Operations branch, as well as representatives of the Special Intervention Unit, Rapid Action Group and Operational Support Group of the Guardia Civil.

During the meeting, the Commanders of the different units had the opportunity to present their activities and forecasts for the coming year, along with their ideas and proposals to make collaboration and understanding between all of them even more fluid. In this way, the upward trend of previous years continues, with the aim of strengthening interoperability and joint action in the area of Special Operations.

The meeting was followed by the award ceremony for the 2021 'GREEN BERET'Awards, presided over by the Chief of Defence Staff, admiral general Teodoro Esteban López Calderón. This ceremony is an initiative of the MCOE, celebrating its fifth edition this year, and aims to recognise the work of individuals, entities or organisations that, in some way, have collaborated with or supported Spanish special operations. In this year's edition, the military version of the award went to E.T. Colonel (R) Joaquin Moreno Molero, for a lifetime dedicated to special operations, and the civilian version of the award went to Francisco Francés Torrontera, journalist and photographer, for his informative work and close collaboration with the special operations units, disseminating their image and publicising their activities.