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The Defence Staff announces its new motto “Integración en el Multidominio”

December 1, 2021
  • The Chief of Defence Staff stresses that progress has been made from joint to integrated capabilities in all areas of operation

Military operations have traditionally been carried out in the maritime, land and air domains, first independently and later jointly. However, in recent years, the geopolitical scenario has incorporated three new spheres of operation, cyberspace, cognitive and space, which are characterised by their interdependence and interaction with the traditional ones.

The Defence Staff has announced its new motto: "Integración en el multidominio” (`Multi-Domain Integration´), which responds to the idea that we are in a highly connected operational environment in which systems are used in an integrated manner and not just a mere synchronisation of operations between the traditional physical domains and those of increasing use, such as cyberspace, cognitive and space. Military actions are also coordinated with those of other branches of government, such as economic, diplomatic, cultural, political, etc.

The aim is to take timely and agile action, effectively addressing the multiple challenges presented by the international environment.

The new motto will be included in the corporate image of the Defence Staff and on social media with the hashtag #IntegraciónenelMultidominio.