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ESP CHOD attends Eurocorps Common Committee

París, France
November 26, 2021
  • The main topic of the meeting was the negotiations for Poland to join as a Framework Nation

The Chief of Defence Staff (JEMAD in Spanish), Admiral General Teodoro Esteban López Calderón, attended the meeting of the Eurocorps Joint Committee in Paris.

This Committee is the highest level Eurocorps (EC) management meeting where the Chiefs of Defence Staff and the Directors of Foreign Policy of the Framework Nations meet to take stock of the current year and set the objectives for the following year.

The meeting was hosted by France, which holds the EUROCOPS secretariat this year.

Among the matters discussed by the Joint Committee, it is worth highlighting the negotiations for Poland to join as a framework nation, signing the joint declaration of intent for its accession in 2022.

Spain was represented by the Deputy Director General for International Security Affairs, Manuel Selas González, representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the Chief of Defence Staff (JEMAD). In addition to representatives of the five framework nations, Poland participated with voice but without vote.

About Eurocorps

Eurocorps is based in Strasbourg (France). Since 1994, Spain has been integrated as a framework nation together with Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. In addition to these nations, Italy, Greece, Poland and Turkey are represented as partner nations.

Eurocorps began participating in various international missions under the flag of the European Union in 2015. From January 2021 and during 2022, it will assume command of the EUTM Mali and EUTM RCA (Central African Republic) missions, with two rotations in each.