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A representation of the State Prosecutor's Office visits the Joint Cyberspace Command

Retamares Base, Madrid
November 4, 2021
  • The Computer Crime Unit was able to learn in detail about the mission of the Joint Cyberspace Command

The Computer Crime Unit of the State Prosecutor's Office, led by the Prosecutor of the Coordinating Chamber against Computer Crime, Elvira Tejada de la Fuente, visited the facilities of the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE in Spanish), at Retamares Base (Madrid), where she was received by the Commander, General Rafael García Hernández.

During the meeting, the Commander of the MCCE gave a presentation on the unit and its mission. Afterwards, several topics of common interest were discussed, so the collaboration and commitment necessary to face the challenges posed by cyberspace were highlighted.

The meeting allowed to bring closer positions regarding possible joint collaborations, coordination actions, knowledge generation and experiences in the cyberspace field.

The Computer Crime Unit, in charge of promoting effective action within the Public Prosecutor's Office, and the MCCE agree on the growth of cybercrime and the need to strengthen contacts and establish channels of communication to facilitate cooperation and fluidity in information exchange.