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Deputy Commander of NATO Air Command Headquarters visits Combined Air Operations Center Torrejón

Torrejón AFB, Madrid
August 12, 2021
  • The visit has been an excellent opportunity to assess the role played by CAOC TJ in exercise Ramstein Ambition'21

NATO’s Allied Air Command Headquarters (AIRCOM) Deputy Commander, French Air Force lieutenant general, Pascal Delerce, paid an official visit to Combined Air Operations Center Torrejón (CAOC-TJ).

After welcoming the guest, CAOC Commander, lieutenant general Fernando de la Cruz Caravaca, briefed general Delerce on the role played by the center and himself as Deputy Commander Air in exercises Ramstein Ambition'21 and Steadfast Defender'21.

In both exercises, the new operational design foreseen by Air Command and Control Operating Concept (AIRC2 CONOPS) was put into practice. Under this layout, AIRCOM Commander can delegate specific functions at the operational level to a Deputy Commander Air (DCDR-Air) to contribute, together with his staff and resources, to the joint campaign in another geographically separated area of operations. The positive result of applying this new concept in an exercise has served not only to certify CAOC and its commander in this capability by NATO, but also to enhance its use in the framework of the Atlantic Alliance in further operations.

Afterwards, general De la Cruz took general Delerce on a tour within CAOC’s facilities and briefed him on the operational situation in the center's area of responsibility.

Over the course of the visit, general Delerce acknowledged general De la Cruz for the work carried out by CAOC-TJ in its contribution to security in Southern Europe.

NATO's Combined Air Operations Centre Torrejón

The main purpose of CAOC Torrejón, commanded by a Spanish Air Force lieutenant general, is to plan, direct, coordinate, supervise, analyse and report on air defence operations in southern Europe, of the assigned assets to it in peace, following the directives of NATO's air component.

Spanish Armed Forces are making an important contribution to the mission conducted by this facility. Roughly 120 military personnel are assigned to the CAOC itself, as well as to the National Support Element (NSE) and the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA).