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Spanish Special Operations forces take part in exercise 'Trojan Footprint-South 21'

Multiple locations
May 20, 2021
  • Exercise “Trojan Footprint-South 21” (TFP-S 21) has been conducted in Germany, Hungary, Romania, Georgia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Montenegro and the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as in different areas of the Adriatic and Black Seas

Joint Special Operations Command led the Spanish participation in exercise “Trojan Footprint-South 21”. The exercise was aimed at improving interoperability between NATO’s Special Operations forces and associated countries, such as Georgia. The exercise was to improve Allies' ability to operate in strategic competition against multiple threats posed by an adversary with capabilities similar to those of the Alliance.

The participation of Spanish spec ops personnel and units has resulted in filling positions in the CJSOTF (Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force) Headquarters and the ECG (Exercise Control Group) located in Stuttgart. In addition to these posts, Spain has contributed with the deployment of officers in the command posts of the SOTG (Special Operations Task Groups) deployed in Bulgaria and Romania, as well as the integration of a team from the Army Special Operations Command (MOE in Spanish) in a Bulgarian SOTG and a team of the Navy Special Naval Warfare Force (FGNE in Spanish) in a Romanian SOTG.

The scenario based on a competition in the Grey Zone of the conflict, the assets and capabilities deployed by the US and the other nations, as well as the command and control structure of the exercise, have created an excellent training opportunity for personnel and forces deployed by Spain.