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MOPS Operational Liaison and Reconnaissance Team is ready to operate

March 22, 2021
  • Members of the Operations Command have been trained and prepared to provide CMOPS and the Operational Planning Group (OPG) with the ability to conduct reconnaissances and engage with key players in a potential theater or area of operations

The Operational Liaison Reconnaissance Team (OLRT) belonging to the Operations Command has concluded its training to be deployed to areas of operations, in case it is activated, in order to gather information from different sources, to advise and support the Operational Planning Process and to establish the necessary links and agreements that will allow the subsequent projection of the Force.

This coaching and training started on March 1 at the Retamares Base, with two days in which the designated personnel were instructed on the OLRT concept, the necessary administrative, health and intelligence issues; as well as knowledge on security threats, negotiation techniques, influence and gender.

Also, with the support of the Joint Cyberspace Command, the team received theoretical and practical training on the handling of CIS (Information and Telecommunications Systems) equipment required for OLRT deployment.

Subsequently, in coordination with the International Commissions Training Section (SEFORCI), the servicemen traveled to the Infantry Academy to get theoretical and practical refresher training in health techniques and basic TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) exercises, refresher training on NBCQR tasks and assessment, knowledge of techniques to recognize and avoid 'Green on Blue', theory on IEDs and Mines, as well as complete training in the handling of short and long weapons.

All this in compliance with the Training and Exercise Plan (PLAE) of the CMOPS within the framework of the COPEX-21 exercise, "Solidarity Response", which will take place in May.