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Minister for Defense holds a working meeting with Chief of the Defense Staff

Defence Staff HQ, Madrid
March 11, 2021
  • This is Minister's first visit to the center since admiral general López Calderón was appointed as CHOD
  • Robles considers Spain can be a pioneer and leader in Europe in the field of Operational Military Health Care

The Minister for Defence, Margarita Robles, held a working meeting with Chief of Defence Staff, admiral general Teodoro López Calderón, at Defence Staff headquarters.

This is her first visit to the centre since admiral López Calderón was appointed as CHOD on 26 January.

During the meeting, several topics of interest were tackled, among them Operational Military Health and Emergencies.

"This is a very important topic, in which we can also be pioneers in Europe, where this issue is a pending subject and Spain can lead it," highlighted Robles, who expressed her full support to the new CHOD, with whom she had worked as Admiral Chief of the Navy Staff, during the previous two years.

 "I can only say good things about him, he is the best of the best. I want to highlight his dedication and his willingness to serve. He is going to be an excellent CHOD," he said.

Defence Staff is responsible for providing support and advice to CHOD in the exercise of his authority and is made up of the Joint Staff , Human Resources Department, the Assistance and Advisory Bodies and the Economic and Financial Management Bodies.

"I am very proud of the work each of you are doing. We have a modern, efficient Armed Forces, and from that point of view, your work is essential," she concluded.

Also attending the meeting were Secretary of State for Defence, Esperanza Casteleiro, and Under-Secretary of Defence, Amparo Valcarce. On the other hand, CHOD was accompanied by all generals assigned to Defence Staff HQ and the senior non-commissioned officer.