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CHOD signs a collaboration agreement with Technical Engineer University on Agro-food and Forestry

Retamares Base, Madrid
February 25, 2021
  • The aim is to support the development of academic and research activities, innovation, development and consulting in areas of operation

Chief of Defence Staff, admiral general Teodoro López Calderón, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, and the Director of the School of Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and President of the Conference of University Centres of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Engineering of Spain, Luis Ricote, have signed a collaboration agreement between the two institutions. The signature ceremony took place at the Operations Command (MOPS) within Retamares base in Madrid.

"The aim of this agreement is the development of academic activities and research, innovation, development and advice related to training in agro-food and forestry engineering in areas of operations where the Spanish Armed Forces operate" CHOD stated during the signature ceremony. This way we want to promote mutual knowledge,combining University interests with the fulfilment of Armed Forces' misión, through the Operations Command and the Spanish Agricultural and Forestry Engineering University Centres.

According to admiral general López Calderón, "it is important for the Ministry of Defence to strengthen collaboration with universities and educational institutions to develop research programmes, and, in addition, within the academic community, it is necessary to promote collaboration with the Armed Forces in carrying out civil-military activities, both on domestic soil and in foreign areas of operations".

Regarding areas of operations, it is essential to maintain this kind of programmes, as it contributes to the cooperation between the civilian population, organisations and agencies, and deployed contingents of the Spanish Armed Forces. This is carried out within the framework of the three pillars that sustain CMI activity: liaison, support to the civilian environment and support from the civilian environment to the Force. "This contributes to improve the fulfilment of the mission of the Armed Forces in operations, and also contributes to the improvement of Spain's reputation abroad," remarked lieutenant general Francisco Braco, Commander of the Operations Command.

Finally, the Operations Command supports the 'Almazara' programme, which is led by the Lebanon Brigade under the guidance of the United Nations, and is aimed at educating and enhancing skills of local farmers, mainly those who work in the oil sector, so they can improve the farming of their plantations and generate a much higher production.