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April 3, 2020


Dear colleagues: 

In these difficult days in which we are living, I would like to begin by conveying my support and love to those of you who have lost a loved one and are suffering from this terrible illness. I would also like my first words to be of gratitude: thanks to all of you for your efforts and the incessant work you are carrying out to fight this pandemic. 

This exceptional situation is an exceptional response that makes me very proud of our Armed Forces. I am proud of the work of all the military personnel who are making incredible efforts within Operation BALMIS and also of those who continue to serve Spain in the permanent operations on national territory.

I also proudly see our soldiers, airmen and sailors who are defending our nation along with our allies, in the various operations abroad, with the added concern of being separated from their families at this time. I am proud of all those, civilians and military who, at your posts or at home, maintain discipline and a willingness to help in this difficult situation.

You are carrying out your work, our work, in support of society in an exemplary manner. To this end, we have made all the resources available to the Spanish people to guarantee their safety and well-being. In fact, BALMIS is the operation with the most military resources ever made available to the authorities throughout Spain. 

Our values are now more necessary than ever. Honor, fellowship, exemplariness, courage, sense of duty and spirit of sacrifice will help us in this struggle. With your example and professionalism we will overcome this crisis. Be convinced that with the sum of all your efforts we will overcome this situation.

As you know, we are in a long-distance race, and each passing day means one day less to reach the goal. Today, more than ever, Spain needs us, and it needs each and every one of us in our post. 

I am sure that we will not fail and we will continue our mission as we have always done. Together we will succeed. I wish you all encouragement and strength. 


Madrid, April 3, 2020


Madrid, 3 de abril de 2020