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Presentation of Geopolitical Overview of Conflicts 2019

March 5, 2020

·       The Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies presented the ninth edition of the “Overview” in the Main Lecture Hall of CESEDEN

The Main Lecture Hall of the Centre for Advanced National Defence Studies (CESEDEN), in Madrid, hosted last Wednesday the presentation of the "Geopolitical Overview of Conflicts 2019", a publication of the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies that includes the study of ten current conflicts.

After the welcome speech given by the director of CESEDEN, Lieutenant General Francisco de P. Bisbal Pons, and a brief presentation by the director of the IEEE, General Francisco José Dacoba Cerviño, the presentation took place, moderated by the journalist Ignacio Cembrero. The authors offered a brief summary of the content of their articles and participated in an interesting question time session with the audience.

The audience was able to get a first-hand impression about the current situation of some well-known conflicts, Somalia or the Balkans, along with other less known conflicts such as Cameroon or terrorism in Turkey, without forgetting those that are currently on the international scene, such as global jihadism.

This is the ninth edition of the Geopolitical Overview of Conflicts, a text available on the IEEE website ( that has become a classic of strategic studies in Spain. The text offers a complete and updated vision of the world situation.