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The Director of the Spanish Armed Forces Intelligence Centre takes part in the main forums of the EU and NATO sector

In Brussels, Belgium
November 20, 2019

·       From 20th to 22nd November, General Antonio Romero will take part in the meetings of both forums

The director of the Spanish Armed Forces Intelligence Centre (in Spanish DICIFAS), General Antonio Romero, takes part today in the meeting of the European Union's Framework Cooperation Agreement for Intelligence Support (CFAIS) held in Brussels, a formal meeting of the directors of the Member States' Military Intelligence Services.

The Director will also attend tomorrow, 21st November, the NATO Military Intelligence Committee (MIC) meeting at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. Among other activities, the meeting will review the process of adapting the Alliance's intelligence structure to address the organization's main challenges.

Lastly, also at the NATO level, General Losada will participate the 22nd of November in the Joint Meeting between the Civil Intelligence Committee (CIC) and the Military Intelligence Committee.