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The 'Plus Ultra' group, from the 'Pacific Skies 24' deployment, is now ready to begin the 'Arctic Defender' exercise.

At Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska
July 5, 2024
  • With the arrival of the last T23 (Airbus A400M) participating in the 'Pacific Skies 24', all members of the expedition are now in Alaska, at Eielson Air Force Base.
On 8 July, the first of three exercises that will take place throughout the Pacific Skies 24's voyage begins: the 'Arctic Defender'. It will be conducted in Alaska until 17 July.
The 'Arctic Defender' exercise aims to improve both the tactical capabilities of the participating units and the interoperability between them. It is a Red Flag-type exercise, i.e. a simulation of combat between two opposing air forces, where the participants train in the most realistic situations possible, including the use of real weapons on certain missions.
These exercises prepare pilots to face any potential enemy, enabling them to operate in all scenarios, however far away they may be and in the face of any threat, however complex it may be.
To this end, the exercise reproduces various challenging and demanding scenarios, with a very demanding battle rhythm, in an airspace of approximately 300,000 square kilometres, more than half the size of the entire Iberian Peninsula.
In addition, the collaboration with the French and German Air Forces will serve to improve the interoperability of the three allied nations, exchange experiences and harmonise tactics and procedures.
Personnel and resources from the 'Ala 14', 'Ala 31', Air Deployment Support Squadron (EADA in Spanish), Air Medical Deployment Support Unit, Logistic Centre for Armament and Experimentation, Directorate of Economic Affairs, Air Mobility Headquarters and Air Combat Command are participating in this first 'Pacific Skies 24' exercise.
Projecting this entire contingent, along with its operational competencies, represents an example of Spain's ability to successfully project its armed forces wherever they are required.