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The Commander of the Joint Cyber-Defence Command receives the keys of the new MCCD building

At Retamares Base (Madrid)
November 26, 2019

The UAG hands over the new MCCD building

The Joint Cyber-Defence Command (in Spanish CCDM) has already new headquarters at the Retamares Base in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid). The Chief of the base's General Support Unit (UAG), Colonel Federico Bordas, has handed over the keys of Building 27 to the Commander of the Command, General Rafael García Hernández, today.

Construction of this building started in August 2017 and acknowledges the growth and significance of the MCCD within the Armed Forces, in addition to the Unit's strategic leadership in the field of Cyber-defence and the value of security in Information Technologies.

The new building brings qualitative and quantitative progress, since it represents a significant improvement in the working facilities, and responds to daily demands and needs, being at the level of the human value of the personnel assigned to the Command.