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The Combat Training Unit of the 'Arapiles' Regiment starts the instruction of its first basic training module to Ukrainian personnel.

San Clemente Sasebas
July 4, 2024
  • This first cycle will develop all its activities in the facilities of the 'General Álvarez de Castro' Barracks.
The Combat Training Unit (UFC) of EUMAM has begun the training of Ukrainian soldiers who make up the 19th Basic Training Cycle at the General Álvarez de Castro Barracks. This training programme has begun after the process of affiliation, medical examinations and supply of basic equipment.
This learning process, eminently practical, is focused on the safe and effective execution of the first live fire exercises, which will be carried out with an optimum level of efficiency.
In the first training sessions, the Ukrainian personnel will begin to familiarise themselves with the H&K G-36E rifle. Their instructors, belonging to the Infantry Regiment 'Arapiles' 62 of the Brigade 'Aragon'I, will carry out an intense programme oriented to offensive and defensive combat, incorporating combat shooting, fire and movement, techniques for treating casualties in combat or combat techniques in built-up areas, breaching actions and assaulting fortified positions.
The CFU has a group of interpreters who accompany the platoons and sections.
Over the next few weeks, the level of complexity of the training will increase according to an intensive training programme that will be completed by the end of July.