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The current Spanish contingent deployed to Mali reaches its mission midterm

March 16, 2022
  •  Training courses and mentoring the Malian army as part of its duties

ESP Brigade ‘Galicia’ VII keeps working within the European Training Mission Mali (EUTM-Mali). This mission is a key element of the European Union in its effort to foster democratic government, respect for legality and the territorial security of Mali. Spanish military instructors, along with European allies, provide training courses to the Malian army. The Tactical Force Protection Group ‘San Quintin’, composed of troops belonging to the Infantry Battalion I/3 ‘San Quintin’, the Brigade ‘Galicia’VII and the 2nd Company of Marines Battalion ‘Leon’of the Tercio de Armada are providing security to the force.

One of EUTM-Mali's tasks is to provide the Malian army with military training and advice on the chain of command, logistics and human resources management. It also provides advice on international humanitarian law.

The ATF (Advisory Task Force) advisors and the ETTF (Education and Training Task Force) teams of instructors respectively advise and train the Malian army contributing to its readiness. These EUTM Mali activities are coordinated with the Malian army and the G5 Sahel Joint Force in response to the requirements of the Malian authorities and other nations in the region. 

‘San Quintin’ Tactical Group, provides security for all those activities and EUTM compounds on a permanent basis. Within the Protection Force, military personnel from Army, Navy and the Air Force work hand in hand.

MASPUHEL XIX, the mission's helicopter unit, operates 3 NH90 helicopters belonging to the Spanish FAMET, providing security and mobility within EUTM air operations. MASPUHEL XIX has accumulated 130 flight hours, and has carried 370 passengers on its 32 flights since November. These numbers add up to 355 flight hours and 1100 passengers transported over Malian territory, in addition to those of the previous contingent.

In addition to these activities, the civil-military collaboration team (CIMIC) has completed 8 projects since November, such as the construction of a multifunctional room, the repair of two water wells and support through the delivery of medical equipment to 5 health centres in the area. These activities contribute to maintaining a positive perception of the Spanish Armed Forces among the Malian citizens.

EUTM-Mali is the military pillar of the EU's strategy in the nation, which includes other areas such as political and humanitarian development. The mission was launched in 2013 to respond to the need to strengthen the capabilities of the Malian Armed Forces, with the final result of a self-sufficient armed forces capable of contributing to the defence of its population and territory.

It is therefore a non-executive mission, i.e., without engagement in combat operations, which is carried out at the request of the Malian authorities. The legitimacy of the mission is materialised in several UN resolutions, in the framework of which the European Union is committed to Mali's development in order to provide it with operational and autonomous armed forces. In this way, the aim is to stop the spread of terrorism and to deter the different criminal groups, thus facilitating Mali's development as a nation.