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Participation of the Spanish precision shooter team in the 'Sniper Fest'.

En Lituania
July 9, 2024
  • The eFP XV contingent, deployed in Latvia, has sent its team of snipers to the multinational exercise in the Lithuanian town of Rukla.

 Multinational precision marksmanship exercise at the Rukla manoeuvre range in Lithuania. The 'Sniper Fest' was organised by the Lithuanian Army and counted with the participation of the precision shooters team of the eFP XV contingent deployed in Latvia.

For the exercise, the Spanish light snipers team, belonging to the mechanised tactical subgroup, travelled from Adazi to Rukla where they met teams from more than fourteen allied countries. A total of 27 teams took part in their category.

The exercises depended not only on the preparation of the shooter and observer, but also on the material used. This circumstance made the competition difficult, as the Spanish team was trained in combat shooting and not so much in technical competition shooting, which is what the test consisted of.

Their high level of combat training made them the first in the only exercise where combat technique was more important than competition technique. This consisted of a short run before getting into position and firing at a target at eight hundred metres, hitting it with the first shot, and two targets at five hundred metres, which they achieved in less than two and a half minutes, and in the general classification, the Spanish team was in the middle of the table, with the hosts, Lithuania and Latvia, in first and second place.

Beyond the competition, this type of exercise allows the comparison and learning of procedures used by other nations, improves cohesion and fosters friendship between the member countries of the Atlantic Alliance.