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Navy divers, with the support of the Civil Guard Special Underwater Activities Group (GEAS), intercept a German torpedo off the coast of Can Picafort.

Santa Margalida, Majorca
March 16, 2023
Members of the public alerted the Civil Guard of the possible existence of a submerged explosive device in the Alcudia Bay. The Underwater Activities Group of the Civil Guard (GEAS) of Palma de Mallorca confirmed the discovery, identified it as a possible torpedo, and then notified the Navy's Maritime Action Operations and Surveillance Centre (COVAM) in Cartagena.

The Maritime Action Force Headquarters, through the Navy's Maritime Action Operations and Surveillance Centre (COVAM), deployed a team of explosives deactivators from the UBMCM who proceeded to intervene in situ using special explosive charges. They confirmed that it was a German G7 torpedo without explosive fuse, ruling out the existence of danger.

The Naval Sector of the Balearic Islands in Porto Pi, was in charge of the coordination for the successful execution of the operation, in which the Local Police and Civil Protection of Santa Margalida, the Club Nàutic C'an Picafort and the Palma 47th Regiment of the Spanish Army took part. They also had the invaluable support of the Underwater Activities Group of the Civil Guard of Palma de Mallorca.

About the Unit of Countermine Measure Divers (UBMCM):

In addition to divers specialised in mine-disabling techniques, it has personnel specialised in underwater explosive ordnance disposal, as do other Navy diving units.

This activity is the exclusive competence of the Navy, as these units are the only ones qualified to perform these tasks.

Además de buceadores con especialización en técnicas de inutilización de minas, cuenta con personal especialista en desactivación de artefactos explosivos submarinos, al igual que otras unidades de buceo de la Armada.Esta actividad es competencia exclusiva de la Armada, al ser estas unidades las únicas capacitadas para realizar estas tareas.