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General Fernando Alejandre Martínez

Communication technologies hold, like almost everything else, some risks, however, they are also a great opportunity. I would like to use this special opportunity to present, in a direct and easy way, our organisation and the persons involved in it, as well as informing you on the operations and the international organizations participated by us. In short, we want you to know what exactly the Spanish Defence Staff is and what it is devoted to: because what we make, we make especially for you.

As Chief of the Spanish Defence Staff, I must ensure efficient Armed Forces, capable of contributing to the security and defence of Spain´s interests, with actions by the Joint Force whenever required. On this website, you can find information related to the operations that can be grouped in different categories: firstly, permanent operations which means a need of surveillance of our sovereign territorial waters, borders, national airspace and cyberspace 24 hours a day all year round, in order to guarantee our nation´s safeguard. Secondly, international operations that, according to Spanish Law 2/2014, it is established that the Spanish Armed Forces are essential to the State´s Foreign Policy by promoting an international environment of peace and security.

To carry out this comprehensive plan, my mission is to establish the strategic framework on which military action is based. For this, I rely on some subsidiary bodies from the Spanish Defence Staff such as the Operations Command, the Joint Cyber Defence Command, the Armed Forces Intelligence Centre, the Combined Air Operations Centre (from the Spanish acronyms CAOC) in Torrejón (Madrid) and the Centre for Advanced Defence Studies. All of them are at your disposal for extensive knowledge.

We want to keep you updated, where possible, on all the actions we take to ensure that the future will always be in freedom. This is our mission.

Thank you for using this platform, which I hope will be useful for you, and I invite you to follow us through our Twitter, Facebook accounts, and other social networks.

With kind regards.

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